The Challenge

Big Dog Payments is a specialist in dispute mitigation, revenue retention and online payment processing solutions for online direct marketing campaigns and e-commerce merchants located in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc, Canada.

Their BDP Call Center, owned and operated by Big Dog Payments, provides a high-quality customer service experience. They wanted and needed a custom, state of the art CRM solution to replace their existing solution that was not meeting their specific requirements, was slow and very expensive to get upgrades, was not pandemic ready because their licensing was restricted to specific computers and not easily added to multiple computers.

The decision was not easily taken to change and they could not find any other ready-made solutions that could meet their specific expectations so, in we came with our expertise and willingness to listen to their needs and with hard work and weekly, sometimes daily, meetings we built a completely new, custom, web based API Call Center Solution including Client management, Live statistics, On-Demand reporting, Softphone capability for all their agents accessible from any internet ready devices: computer, laptop, tablet and even a cell phone.

Software Development Process

The software had to be optimal on any desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone. We are pationate about web development as it can be easily customizable and updates can occur whenever needed.

  • No need to be “installed” as all is needed is a Web browser
  • Accessible from anywhere so the agents can now work remotely easily
  • The custom development allows for more ease-of-use as we are directly connected to the end user
  • Great tool to communicate with clients directly from the plateform or through their API services

Web Software has changed the game in the Call Center market. What was once done only from a physical call center location can and should now be done remotelly resulting in less overhead costs.

The latest world pandemic as well as different world-wide situations such as war and chaos, have proven a point: remote work is undeniable.

Secure yourself and your business, make it pandemic-proof by investing in a software that can handle the load for you and your business when there is labor shortage.

Facilitate your life and your family’s life by reducing the amount of frustration in manual labor, and letting the computer do what it can do to help you.

We can program in any language but we choose to program in PHP and couple of other languages that will make your software bullet-proof.

Our choice in the programming language we use assures you longevity and reduces the chances or failure to almost non-existent.


Success Rate

All of our clients get a successful rate of a minimum of 245% ROI.


Software & Digital Marketing Firm

Nous sommes la meilleure entreprise de marketing pour les services en ligne dans la région de Montréal.


Années dans l'entreprise

Nous avons servi les plus grandes industries en ligne pour savoir ce qui fonctionne le mieux pour le plus juste des prix.

"J'ai travaillé avec Bobby sur notre CRM et notre base de données basés sur API. Il est extrêmement compétent et apprend rapidement de nouveaux logiciels. Excellent travail, fortement recommandé. Toujours présent et prêt à résoudre les problèmes, à créer et à mettre en œuvre de nouvelles idées et à intervenir en cas d'urgence. Vraiment un excellent partenaire."

Jeffrey Vroom

Director of Business Development

Big Dog Payments

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