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Diseño Web y SEO

Let’s grow your site together. We can help you convert visitors into new customers,

Attract new or more traffic,

Keep the traffic.

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Automatizaciones Zapier

Let us build your Zapier automation workflow, debug or program it for you.

Save hours of frustration,

Save money on hiring manual labour.

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Publicidad en Facebook / Tik Tok / Instagram

En colaboración con Rudy Mawer, nuestros anuncios tienen más posibilidades de vencer a todos nuestros competidores.

Tailored Social Media Management & More!

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Custom Software Solutions

Let’s grow your business together. We can help your Agency scale to an  Enterprise level by re-designing and building your internal  management tools.

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Excel to Database

If your excel spreadsheets are getting out of control an are starting to take too long to load, you should pass them to a database. This will also give you better management of your data.

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E-commerce Solutions

API Integrations

Plugin Development




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  • Website Design Company

Diseño Web y SEO

Your website is your best sales-rep.

If your website was an employee, would you hire it or get it fired?

Your website works for you while you sleep.

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  • SEO Agency in Montreal

Google My Business Profile Manager

Google My Business works great with other social media platforms.

MDLA will get you the visibility your business needs and maintain it through our famous “Progressive Approach”.

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  • SEO Laval – Montreal – Brossard – Westisland – Westmount

SEO for your Website

We analyze the best markets for you to thrive on and we provide a selection of the most profitable keywords. to target and provide a rich variety of keywords that truly matter.

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  • Publicidad en redes sociales

Gestión de redes sociales

We design digital marketing funnels for you, we produce webinars, podcasts, social media marketing campaigns and we also offer complementary maintenance.

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  • E-commerce Website Design

Shopify or WooCommerce ?

We can build a store for you or help you maintain your current one. We also provide scripts that can automate and lessen the manual tasks @todo in your plate.

We provide customized e-commerce maintenance plans.

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If you have no systems in place, you have a hobby, not a business.

  • API Integrations

Quickbooks integration API

Freshbooks integration API

Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration

Facebook, WhatsApp, and more…

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  • Digital Automation

Manual Labor is eating your Sales and Productivity. Let’s automate!

Too much administrative nonsense to do on your own? Too expensive to hire human assistance? Software allows you to grow on your own. However, software can be painful to manage. We can build synergies between them.

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Example of task automations using Airtable App + Freshbooks for one of our clients.
  • Web Development

Custom Software

Tired of having to pay over $10,000 a month for your agencies’ tools?

Build and manage your website or your business with your own custom management system (CMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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  • Excel vs database

Excel to database

Has your excel spreadsheet become monstrous? If it is too slow to handle, is time to transfer it to a database.

We recommend an online interface, secured by username and password.

This way you can create graphics and analyze or even use your data in infinite amounts of ways.

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Maria Garcia Carrasco
Maria Garcia Carrasco

Digital Marketing Expert

Promote your business the right way today.

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

(514) 553-7497
15 reviews on
Good service, she is very friendly and great price for what they give!
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Jeff Vroom
Jeff Vroom
Have been working with Bobby on our API based CRM and database. Extremely knowledgeable and quick to learn new softwares. Excellent work, highly recommend. Always present and ready to troubleshoot, create & implement new ideas and emergency ready. Truly a great partner.
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Mihail Chimev
Mihail Chimev
We hired Maria and her team to create our website in order to expand further in the online marketing space. While creating our website they have taken careful steps to adjust it to our needs and optimize it to 100% so that we are at the top in google search. Trough SEO and Keyword optimization we have seen a growing number on new clients coming in. I cant thank her and her team enough for what she made possible. If you want to see your business grow and need extra help with the online part of marketing and website creation for your business, its the place to call.
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Fernando gallego torres
Fernando gallego torres
I will be eternally grateful to the team at MDLA Technologies, especially Maria, who is a tireless worker and finds the best solution for my business. Thank you for your effort, commitment, determination and work. Great results.
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Jana Stuart
Jana Stuart
I am SO GRATEFUL to be working with MDLA Technologies. Maria walked me through every step promoting my business with such confidence, enthusiasm, passion and patience. With more than 17 years experience, in the field she has the knowledge and determination to get a win-win for everyone. She treats her clients like family, always going the extra mile.
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Dimitar Nenov
Dimitar Nenov
The team at MDLA is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced month on month growth due to their progressive approach.
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Nohely Devoto
Nohely Devoto
Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for the most professional, responsive, capable team. Cannot wait to work with MDLA again, 10/10.
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Hanash Hedges
Hanash Hedges
Maria and her team are amazing! Our businesses uses multiple web apps for managing our business but so much time was being wasted copying data. Before MDLA I dealt with another consultant but was so disappointed blaming the apps for the limitations. Maria managed not only to have it function the way I had envisioned, but made it even better and also integrating the apps with our website!
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Juliana Munera
Juliana Munera
They have a solution for every issue, this company offers more than technology. I would say it's complete coaching and guidance.
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We work with Rudy Mawer

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We Invest in Education & Performance

Quick wins to increase customer acquisition, leads, and sales. In the long run, we create systems that will guarantee customers every single month.


We use the most relevant and powerful technologies to measure your progress.

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Online Advertising Partnered with Mawer Capital – Rudy Marketing.

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Our performance strategies are powered by Traffic and Funnels USA.

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Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for the most professional, responsive, capable team. Cannot wait to work with MDLA again, 10/10.

Nohely Devoto
Diseñador de páginas web, Ingeniero de software, Consultor de negocios, Comercializador digital Montreal
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Informática y B.Ing. en Ingeniería de Software
+1 (514) 553-7497

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Maria and her team are amazing! Our business uses multiple web apps for managing our business but so much time was being wasted copying data. Before MDLA I dealt with another consultant but was so disappointed blaming the apps for the limitations. Maria managed not only to have it function the way I had envisioned but made it even better and also integrated the apps with our website!