The Challenge

Zoom Wipes had already a great mailing list, however their online presence was completely inexistent.

We first made sure to make the site look more appealing for online visitors and took care of the SEO aspect of it all.

International SEO

Since this is a website that sells products, we first had to make sure they were listed on Google to get them from 0 to >6000 views in the first 3 months.


Successful Rate

All of our clients experience success beyond their wildest dreams as long as they listen to our advice.


Marketing Firm

We have become the best marketing firm for online only websites in Montreal and US while remaining very affordable.



Our client list keeps growing. Not all businesses are the right fit. We make sure we are the right fit for you and vice versa.

The Process

We decided along with the client to simultaneously throw Ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Test the audiences

  • Test the website

  • Test the Ads

Testing is a crucial part in marketing.

Businesses must have a marketing budget to invest in order to grow their visibility. With this particular client, we made more money from newsletter and e-mail listing than online sales.

So, in order to feed into their biggest source of income, we decided to aim all the Gyms, Pilates studios, Yoga studios, boxing centres, in the USA, and contact their supervisors with our strategic newsletters.

Grow your traffic

Want to grow your traffic and you don’t know how? Talk to us. Maria, our expert in SEO can help you set up the 5 pillars you need to build your brand online.


Increase your sales

We will help you reduce the stress of not knowing where is your next client going to come from. We can build a profitable lead generation system side by side with you.

Sales Chart


For this particular client, the Ad budget needed to bypass 1000$ every month in order for them to be profitable.

Newsletter is the new e-commerce way

Having a powerful mailing list will grant you consistent sales no matter the times, as long as your product is great.

Successful e-commerce stores requirements:

Successful e-commerce stores must have proper social media engagement. Must have a lot of resources in VIDEO and IMAGE.

Make sure these are on the top of your list. Testimonials are key.

31 reviews on
Leo Lumumba
Leo Lumumba
Je recommande cette entreprise rapide ; professionnel et flexible
Camilo Picon
Camilo Picon
Excelente servicio, muy profesional !
Yesenia Duenas
Yesenia Duenas
Maria is the best! Very knowledgeable, creative, resourceful, and very professional. She’s currently helping me build my business idea that I’ve had for over 10 years and I’m amazed of how great it is already turning out and excited for the finished product. I highly recommend her for any business you may have, she will help increase production. Will continue to work with her on future projects and referring to everyone I know.
Melanie Hagn
Melanie Hagn
I had been looking at getting website redesigned for a while and WIX offers that service. I never pulled the trigger on that one.. and I am so happy I waited and Marie popped up. I like that she is taking the time to get to know me and my biz, my ideal client etc and creating a website that way
Byron Sakha
Byron Sakha
Maria is one of those rare professionals who not only lives up to their promises in terms of delivering on agreed services, but she far exceeds them. I had the pleasure of working with Maria on a new company website as well and some ai consultancy work and there was no task too big for Maria to work through and achieve exceptional outcomes. Maria would go over and above what I was hoping for and at every step of the way she made me feel completely taken care of. Not only is Maria a professional at the absolute top of her game with unrivalled knowledge and expertise, but her warm energy and kind nature makes it such a pleasure to work with her. I am deeply grateful for having met Maria and I highly recommend her services for anyone looking for web solutions. *6 STARS*
sebastian cazajus
sebastian cazajus
Super contento con su servicio
Arielle Wizman
Arielle Wizman
Maria was an absolute genius when it came to creating my website ! She is son knowledgeable and professional ! I would recommend her for any website or tech needs you may have !!!
Giancarlo Fernandez
Giancarlo Fernandez
Simply the best. Fully recommended. Extremely satisfied 👍👌
Charlie Ray
Charlie Ray
Great job! She really goes into helping you figure out what works best for you. Goes the extra mile.
Kam Cho
Kam Cho
Maria has always been professional and demonstrated a strong knowledge in the tech industry. Her careful thought process and understanding of businesses and her customer needs and resources makes her a great entrepreneur. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to make their business an impact in our modern times.

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