Websites need traffic to thrive

Just like a living eco-system needs certain animals and plants to survive, websites need attention, and not just any attention, the right type of attention.

Now-a-days SEO brings the right traffic to your door step. It can come from many different directions. This is why it is important to choose carefully in which platforms to invest best.

What happens when you are a brand new website?

How can you find, and shift web traffic towards your website?

Hey everyone, I am María Garcia, Internet Marketing Expert at MDLA. In this article, I’m going to quickly explain the fastest ways to bring highly converting traffic to your brand new website.

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Anyways, how many of you have a new website 🙋‍♀️? I’m curious because if you have a new website, I want to see if you have implemented the bible basics to having a profitable and healthy one.

Visit and scan your website. It will send you an SEO report that will help you fix and accelerate your online growth.

Let’s get down to business👇

#1 Find the right niche

Carefully select the right keywords that will open the right doors to your desired/ideal customers.

When it comes to internet marketing, doors are the same thing as highways.
If you select the right highways, you will get the right traffic and tons of it.

We need traffic with the right intention. And that is ? to buy.
You want buyers, not visitors.

We need to find out what our buyers need from us in order for them to swipe that credit card.

You need to focus on The Right Mindset that will easily and happily absorb and consume what you are selling.

Content is like food 🍲

There are meals, there are different sorts of snacks as well as different bites people NEED to consume on a daily basis.

By acknowledging this, you will easily get a couple of ideas of what you need to ‘cook‘ for your ideal audience.

These meals are made of words, adjectives, and characteristics that have exactly the right keywords as the main ingredient.

We have the right Software to help you with the finding process of the right keywords.

If you thought about a subject, the probability that other people already thought about it is really high.

The trick is jumping on that specific train of thought and gather the main keywords people are searching for.

#2 Create Youtube Videos
The second method I want to share with you is: Create Youtube Videos.
Youtube is Google’s baby. You can boost up your website by creating Youtube Videos with the right SEO in it.

We have the AI to generate the right SEO for your Youtube Videos and help you rank on search engines.

If done properly, you will easily rank on the top 10 of the Google Search results for your specific keyword.

Make sure you also use your carefully selected keywords when you speak. Yes, that’s right, when you SPEAK. Google is a very intelligent and sophisticated machine, it knows how to rank voice-over.

#3 Post on Social Media
Google works with social media platforms to see if your website is alive and ranking, being talked about and posted about.

Make sure you are always posting your website links in all of your social media posts, as well as in all your Youtube Videos.

This can take a lot of time and effort, we manage it and produce results for you.

#4 Partner Up with other people
Try a joint webinar, joint podcast, joint YouTube Video, mostly a YouTube Video, cause they rank the fastest…
You may even do interviews with other people.
By partnering with other entrepreneurs, you’ll find that they’ll promote your content and you’ll promote their content as well. Fair trade ? .
? But now you may be like, Maria, I don’t get any traffic to my website.
That’s okay. That’s why I also gave you the option to interview people because people are always flattered to be interviewed.
And you know what, when you include X person in these posts, They’re going to share it.

Shift Web Traffic with MDLA Websites

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You’re lucky if three months down the road even 1% of your audience comes back.

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  • Find the right niche

  • Create Youtube Videos

  • Post on Social Media

  • Partner Up with other people

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